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Plastering waterproofing agent
  • Plastering waterproofing agent

Plastering waterproofing agent

Hydrogen content:>1.58%
Viscosity,25℃,mm2/s :20-30
Flash point:>120℃
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Overview of plastering waterproofing agent:

The waterproofing agent has the characteristics of strong permeability,good waterproof performance,convenient construction and environmental protection.And it is easy to use and environmentally friendly.can effectively protect concrete,calcium silicate board and other substrates,greatly improving the overall service life of construction projects.

Application of plastering waterproofing agent:

What is the scope of application of plastering waterproofing agent?

(1)It can effectively penetrate into the substrate to provide durable and strong protection;

(2)It can be used as a concrete additive,which can effectively increase the ratio of compressive strength to water permeability after 28 days;

(3)Low volatility, simple and convenient to use,and will not pollute the environment.

Scope of gypsum waterproofing agent

Various gypsum products,such as desulfurized gypsum, natural gypsum, phosphogypsum,gypsum board,gypsum blocks, gypsum statues,gypsum crafts,ceiling gypsum boards,etc.

 Directed water repellent plaster

(1)Add 0.5%-1% of the weight of gypsum powder;

(2)Mix it with water according to the amount determined in the previous step,directly add it to the equipment, and mix with gypsum powder to form;

(3)After the gypsum product is naturally dried(usually soaked for 2 hours and then taken out for testing),the waterproof test can be carried out; if drying is required, please place it for 24 hours before drying to avoid excessive temperature during the drying process, which may cause waterproofing.As the water evaporates, the waterproof effect is lost.

Plastering waterproofing agent can also be applied to decorative mortar(Render/Stucco)external wall insulation system(EIFS)tile adhesive, caulking agent and waterproof mortar,repair mortar,lightweight concrete field,colored tiles, cement powder coating,Cement or gypsum plaster,waterproof putty,plastering mortar,light insulation mortar.

The price of plaster waterproofing agent:

The price of plastering waterproofing agent will vary randomly with factors such as the production cost of plastering waterproofing agent, transportation cost, international situation, market supply and demand of plastering waterproofing agent. Tanki New Materials Co., Ltd. aims to help various industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality products, customized services, low-cost nanomaterials and chemicals by providing a full set of customized solutions. If you are looking for plastering waterproofing agent products, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price of plastering waterproofing agent.

Suppliers of plaster waterproofing agents:

Plastering waterproofing agent supplier,Tanki New Materials Co.,Ltd has rich experience in the performance,application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineering materials.The company has successfully developed a series of powder materials(concrete waterproofing admixtures,plaster hair Foaming agent,gypsum defoaming agent,plastering waterproofing agent),high-purity targets,functional ceramics and structural devices,and provide OEM services.

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Technical parameter of waterproofing agent for plaster


Colorless, odorless, transparent oily liquid                   

Hydrogen content






Flash point




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