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Technical Parameter of Chromium Carbide Cr3C2 Powder

2022-09-21 10:46:16  News

Chromium carbide powder overview

Hafnium carbide HfC is a gray-black powder with a face-centered cubic structure and a very high melting point, 3890°C. It is known to have a high melting point in a single compound and is a good material for the lining of high melting point metal melting crucibles.

How is chromium carbide Cr3C2 powder produced?

Chromium carbide is produced by a combination of aluminothermic reduction and vacuum furnaces at temperatures of 1500°C and above. A mixture of chromium metal, chromium oxide and carbon is prepared and charged into a vacuum furnace. The pressure in the furnace decreased and the temperature rose to 1500°C. The carbon reacts with the chromium oxide to form chromium metal and carbon monoxide gas, which is pumped into a vacuum pump. The chromium metal then combines with the remaining carbon to form chromium carbide.

 The precise balance between chromium oxide, chromium metal and carbon determines the grade of chromium carbide produced. This is strictly controlled to ensure product quality suitable for demanding markets such as aerospace.

Properties of chromium carbide Cr3C2 powder

Chromium carbide, containing 13.34 carbon, is gray powder, orthorhombic crystal structure, insoluble in water, acid and alkali resistant. The density is 6.65-6.68 g/cm3, the melting point: 1890 degrees, and the boiling point: 3800 degrees. It is a high melting point inorganic material with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance in high temperature environment (1000-1100 degrees). It is used as a thermal spray material for metal surface protection, and is also commonly used as cemented carbide. Grain refiners and other wear and corrosion resistant components. Chromium carbide-based cermets have excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures, with only slight blackening of the surface after 5 hours of thermal exposure at 982°C. Under the same conditions, 18-8 stainless steel has been obviously damaged.

Chromium carbide powder application

1. Anti-oxidation, anti-oxidation and acid-resistant coatings are widely used in aero-engines and petrochemical machinery and equipment, which can greatly improve the service life of machinery. It is also commonly used as a grain refiner for cemented carbide and cemented carbide. Other wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts. Cr3C2-based cermets have excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures.

2. For chromium carbide ceramics. Coarse chromium carbide is used as a melt-blown material to form a melt-blown layer on the surface of metals and ceramics, thereby endowing ceramics with wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. It is widely used in aircraft engines and petrochemical machinery, greatly extending the service life of the machinery. Also used for spraying semiconductor films.

3. As a thermal spray material, chromium carbide Cr3C2 powder is used to protect the underlying metal surface.

4. Additives for the manufacture of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.

5. As a coating for seals, bearings and valve seals.

6. As a microcrystalline phase in cemented carbide (such as vanadium carbide), chromium carbide Cr3C2 powder is used to inhibit the growth of submicron grains during pressing and sintering.

Technical Parameter of Chromium Carbide Cr3C2 Powder :

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Chromium carbide powder price

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Chromium Carbide Powder Supplier

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