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Nitride Powder

Nitride powder is a metal powder or ceramic widely used in many technical applications and has become a high-tech material in the engineered ceramics industry.The appearance,hardness and electrical conductivity of metal nitride powder are metal-like, metal nitride powder usually have high hardness,high melting point,stable chemical properties and electrical conductivity.

Application of nitride powder:

Among them,aluminum nitride (AlN) has excellent thermal conductivity and good chemical resistance.Boron nitride (BN) has flexibility and lubricity. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) requires good thermal shock resistance and high fracture resistance. Ideal for tough sintered bodies. In addition,it provides a full range of ceramic nitride materials for various industrial applications. Calcium nitride (Ca3N2) is an important chemical reagent and is widely used in the chemical industry. It has important uses. Calcium nitride can be used to obtain reactive nitride ions. In addition,calcium hydride can be prepared by heating calcium nitride with hydrogen at a temperature higher than 350°C. Calcium hydride is a reducing agent,desiccant and chemical Analytical agent. Used in powder metallurgy.When heated from 600°C to 1000°C,it can be reduced with zirconium,niobium,ha and other metal oxides to obtain the corresponding metal powder.

 As a global supplier of nitride powder,Tanki New Materials Co. Ltd professional supplier of new materials, providing various nitride powders,such as calcium nitride (Ca3N2),lithium nitride (Li3N),silicon nitride (Si3N4),aluminum nitride (AIN),etc. . Send us an email or click on the desired product to send an inquiry.

Payment terms:

Wire transfer,PayPal,credit card,Western Union, etc.

Shipping conditions:

According to customer requirements by air, sea,express.

Storage conditions:

1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.

2) Avoid humidity and high temperature.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner packaging bag.

  • Magnesium Nitride Mg3N2 powder CAS 12057-71-5
    Magnesium nitride is an inorganic compound composed of nitrogen and magnesium and belongs to the cubic crystal system.Used to prepare special ceramic materials.
  • Chromium Nitride CrN Powder CAS 12053-27-9
    Chromium nitride is a very hard inert film coating, mainly used for precision metal parts. Chromium nitride (CrN) is more resistant to high temperatures than tin, making it an ideal choice in high temperature environments. CrN also performs well in corrosive environments and sliding wear applications.
  • Nitrided HfN powder CAS 25817-87-2
    Nitriding is powdery, cubic structure, melting point 3310℃, quite stable, but easy to be affected by aqua regia,Concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen fluoride acid corrode.The direct reaction between 900 and nitrogen at 900°C is an important part of the refractory compound of is alloy.
  • Vanadium nitride VN powder CAS 24646-85-3
    Vanadium nitride VN is a compound of vanadium and nitrogen. Vanadium nitride, also known as vanadium-nitrogen alloy, is a new type of alloy additive that can replace ferrovanadium in the production of microalloyed steel. It has two crystal structures: one is V3N, and the other is hexagonal crystal structure, which has extremely high hardness, the tiny hardness is about 1900HV, and the melting point cannot be detected. The other is VN, which has a face-centered cubic crystal structure with a hardness of about 1520HV and a melting point of 2360 degrees.
  • Tantalum Nitride TaN powder CAS 12033-62-4
    The molecular formula of tantalum nitride is TaN and the molecular weight is 194.95. Tantalum nitride is insoluble in water and acid, slightly soluble in aqua regia, soluble in potassium hydroxide, decomposes to release ammonia, and releases nitrogen when heated to 2000°C.
  • Niobium nitride NbN powder CAS 24621-21-4
    Niobium nitride is a compound of niobium and nitrogen (nitride) with the chemical formula NbN. At low temperatures (about 16 K), NBN becomes a superconductor for infrared detectors.
  • Cobalt Nitride CoN Powder CAS 10141-05-6
    Cobalt nitride has a variety of components, and the research of nano-cobalt nitride has become one of the research hotspots in the field of materials science.
  • Lithium Nitride Li3N powder CAS 26134-62-3
    Lithium nitride is a metal nitrogen compound with the molecular formula Li3N. This method is the most commonly used method for preparing lithium nitride in laboratories and industry. Alternatively, nitrogen can be injected into liquid sodium dissolved in lithium metal , Thereby generating purer lithium nitride.
  • Nitrided dium ScN powder CAS 25764-12-9
    Nitrided dium ScN powder is a kind of salt rock structure semiconductor, which is the semiconductor element of epitaxial metal/semiconductor superlattice. It has attracted much attention due to its potential application in thermoelectric conversion equipment.Didium nitride is a transition metal nitride semiconductor with high hardness, high melting point and high electron mobility, as well as other remarkable characteristics.
  • Zinc Nitride Zn3N2 powder CAS 1313-49-1
    Zinc nitride, chemical formula is Zn3N2, gray crystal, soluble in hydrochloric acid. It quickly decomposes into zinc hydroxide and ammonia in cold water
  • Yttrium nitride YN powder CAS 25764-13-0
    Yttrium nitride or YN is a nitride of yttrium. Yttrium nitride is a hard ceramic material similar to titanium nitride and zirconium nitride.
  • Nitrided TbN powder CAS 13708-63-9
    The chemical formula of nitriding ter is TBN, the density is 9.550g/cm3, and the melting point is 2630°C. Nitriding b is a black powder with a molar mass of 172.93g•mol-1.
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