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Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel felt is a flexible insulation material synthesized by a special process with silica aerogel as the main material and compounded with reinforcing fibers, such as glass fibers and pre-oxidized fibers.
Width:about 1.5 meters
Applicable temperature: -200℃~1000℃ (related to specific products)
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Overview of Aerogel Felt:

Aerogel felt is a flexible thermal insulation material that uses silica aerogel as the main material and is compounded with reinforcing fibers,such as glass fibers and pre-oxidized fibers,through a special process.

Aerogel felt has the lowest thermal conductivity of solid thermal insulation material in the temperature range of 400℃(the thermal conductivity of 400-1000℃ high temperature region is much higher than that of micro-nano thermal insulation series).

Aerogel felt has the characteristics of softness,easy cutting, low density,inorganic fire resistance,overall hydrophobicity,and environmental protection. It can replace glass fiber products,asbestos insulation felt,silicate fiber products and other traditional flexibility that are not environmentally friendly and have poor insulation performance.Insulation Materials.

1.Excellent heat insulation effect

The thermal insulation effect of aerogel felt is 2-5 times that of traditional thermal insulation materials,and the theoretical high temperature pipeline service life determined by Arrhenius experiment is close to 20 years.

2.Reduce the thickness of the insulation layer

Aerogel felt has the same thermal insulation effect,and its thickness is only a fraction of that of traditional materials.After heat preservation,the heat loss is small and the space utilization rate is high.And at high temperatures,the above performance advantages are more obvious.

3.Hydrophobicity and fire resistance

Aerogel felt is relatively hydrophobic,which can effectively prevent water from entering the pipeline and equipment.At the same time,it has Class B1 to Class A fire resistance,and the unique three-dimensional network structure of aerogel prevents other thermal insulation materials from sintering deformation and sedimentation during long-term high-temperature use.

4.Convenient construction

Aerogel felt is light in weight,easy to cut and sew to adapt to various shapes of pipes and equipment for heat preservation,and it requires less time and labor for installation.

5.Save transportation costs

Smaller package volume and lighter weight can greatly reduce the transportation cost of insulation materials.

Application of aerogel felt:

What is the scope of application of aerogel felt?

Nano-aerogel felt is a material with excellent thermal insulation performance. Its pore size is lower than the mean free path of air molecules under normal pressure. Therefore, the air molecules in the aerogel voids are approximately static, thus avoiding the convective heat transfer of air and condensation The extremely low bulk density of the glue and the curved path of the nano-grid structure also prevent gas and solid heat conduction, and the void walls can minimize heat radiation. These three aspects work together to block almost all the ways of heat transfer. Aerogel achieves a thermal insulation effect unmatched by other materials, even far lower than the thermal conductivity of a few air at room temperature of 0.025W/mK, reaching 0.018W /mK or less.

Aerogel felt is mainly used in industrial pipelines, storage tanks, industrial furnace bodies, power plants, rescue cabins, warship bulkheads, automobiles, directly buried pipelines, injection molding machines, detachable insulating sleeves, high-temperature steam pipelines for heavy oil extraction, and transportation, Household appliances, steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, and other thermal insulation fields.

Aerogel felt price:

The price of aerogel blankets varies with production costs, transportation costs, international conditions, exchange rates, and aerogel blankets. The relationship between supply and demand in the market changes randomly. Tanki New Materials Co., Ltd. aims to help all industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality, low-cost nanomaterials and chemicals by providing a full set of customized services. If you are looking for aerogel blanket material, please feel free to contact me to get the latest price of aerogel blankets.

Supplier of Aerogel Felt:

As a global aerogel felt supplier,Tanki New Materials Co.,Ltd has extensive experience in the performance,application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineered materials.The company has successfully developed a series of powder materials (including carbonized Boron,aluminum carbide,titanium carbide,etc.),high-purity targets,functional ceramics and structural devices,and provide OEM services.

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Width:about 1.5 meters


Applicable temperature: -200℃~1000℃(related to specific products)

Hydrophobicity:There are two types: hydrophilic and hydrophobic (related to specific products)

Thermal conductivity:0.02~0.1W/(m·k)(related to specific products)

1.Low temperature and high temperature resistance:

-200℃~+650℃,excellent performance in extreme humid and hot environments up to 650ºC.

2.Thermal insulation performance is 3 times that of traditional thermal insulation products.

Low thermal conductivity, at room temperature: about 0.02 w/(m*k).

3.More and wider space utilization

Due to the low thermal conductivity,the same insulation effect can be achieved with a thinner insulation thickness.

4.Safe and non-flammable(smoke-free),Class A

The combustion performance level meets the requirements of the combustion performance level specified in GB8624-2012,with Class A fire protection.

5.Green and environmental protection

No chloride,no halogen,can be used as waste landfill treatment,surface dust is polycrystalline aerogel powder.

6.Flexible, light and easy to install

It is easy to cut,not easy to deform,and has less loss,which is particularly conducive to installation.Disassembly is also simple,and downtime can be reduced during periodic maintenance without the need to purchase alternative insulation materials.

7.Hydrophobic and breathable

The water increase rate reaches 99%,but the steam can be discharged, which helps to keep the equipment drier and longer.The protection against corrosion under the insulation layer is enhanced,and its service life is longer.

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