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Environmental Materials

The so-called environmental materials refer to materials that have satisfactory performance and excellent environmental coordination and improve the environment.The"environmental coordination"means less consumption of resources and energy and less pollution.

Application of environmental materials

It can open up a wider range of activities and environment for mankind,and give play to its excellent performance.When developing new materials and new technology systems,it is necessary to consider the size of the technical environmental burden,the degree of environmental pollution of the material itself, and the use of materials.The traditional performance of time (the advanced nature of the material),the new material is the same as the traditional material in that it requires excellent performance,and the environmental coordination (a priority goal) makes the scope of human activities coordinate with the external environment. Reduce the burden on the global environment and fully recycle depleted resources. In the production of materials,the consumption of resources and energy is small,and the technology to reduce greenhouse gases is used in the process,which is easy to recycle after being discarded. Materials and technologies themselves must be equipped Environmental coordination and comfort make the human living environment in the range of activities more prosperous and comfortable,and people are very happy to accept and use it.On the basis of the excellent use performance pursued by the traditional material research institute,full consideration of the limitation of resources and as much as possible Reduce environmental burdens and other factors,take effective measures to make materials have the characteristics of recyclability,and from the design stage of materials,the use of materials is fully integrated with the protection of the earth's ecological environment and the comfort of the living environment.

As a global environmental supplier,Tanki New Materials Co. Ltd has extensive experience in the characteristics,application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineered materials.If you need environmental materials,please send us an email or click on the desired product to proceed. Ask the price.

Payment methods:

Wire transfer,Western Union, Paypal,credit card, etc.

Transport method:

According to customer requirements by air, sea, express.

Storage conditions:

1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.

2) Avoid humidity and high temperature.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner packaging bag.

  • Potassium myristate CAS 13429-27-1
    Properties of potassium acid: Potassium myristate (CAS 13429-27-1) is a white fine crystalline powder; soluble in hot water and hot ethanol; slightly soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether;
  • Calcium dodecyl stearate
    Calcium lauryl stearate is a flake or needle-like chemical substance. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.
  • Zinc Lauryl Stearate
    Zinc dodecyl stearate is white to light yellow powder. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.
  • Zinc p-tert-butyl benzoate CAS 4980-54-5
    Zinc p-tert-butyl benzoate (CAS 4980-54-5) is a white to light yellow powder.
  • Stearic acid amide emulsion
    Stearic acid amide is a white emulsion, the product is non-toxic, pollution-free, harmless and environmentally friendly. It is easy to disperse in water and has the characteristics of ultra-fineness, low viscosity and good dispersibility.
  • EBS ethylene bisstearamide emulsion
    It is produced with advanced technology, and the appearance is white emulsion. The product is non-toxic, non-polluting, harmless and environmentally friendly. Easy to disperse in water, with ultra-fine, low viscosity, good dispersibility and compatibility.
  • Aqueous Boron Nitride Emulsion
    The water-based boron nitride emulsion has no pollution to the environment and no harm to the human body. Non-toxic, no peculiar smell. The boron nitride coating has good heat resistance, up to 400-1700°C, anti-corrosion performance and long service life. It has good water resistance, salt spray resistance and organic solvent
  • Zinc stearate emulsion CAS 557-05-1
    Zinc stearate emulsion is a milky white dispersion, easy to disperse in water, and feel slippery. Zinc stearate emulsion has the characteristics of ultra-fine lubrication, easy to disperse in water-based coatings, easy to sand, quick-drying, easy to defoam, and good thermal denaturation resistance.
  • Calcium stearate emulsion
    Calcium stearate liquid refers to water-based calcium stearate, also known as calcium stearate emulsion, which is widely used in industrial fields. Calcium stearate emulsion has an ultra-fine, lubricating and delicate handfeel, good thermal degeneration resistance, and good transparency. Good defoaming performance, good dispersion, good anti-settling performance, good sandability, and yellowing resistance.
  • Water-based stearic acid CAS 57-11-4
    Water-based stearic acid has a wide range of applications,and can be used in rubber,plastics,coatings,inks,paints,thermal paper,cosmetics and other industries.
  • Sodium myristate CAS 822-12-8
    Sodium myristate (CAS 822-12-8) is a small white crystalline powder; soluble in hot water and hot ethanol; slightly soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether
  • Water-based calcium stearate
    Water-based calcium stearate is a white viscous liquid with a molecular formula of Ca(C17H35COO)2
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