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Graphene is a new material with sp² hybrid connected carbon atoms tightly packed into a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure. Graphene has excellent optical,electrical, and mechanical properties,in materials science,micro-nano processing,energy,Biomedicine and drug delivery have important application prospects and are considered to be a revolutionary material in the future.

Graphene applications

With the gradual breakthrough of mass production and large-size problems,the pace of industrial application of graphene is accelerating.Based on existing research results,the first commercial applications may be mobile devices,aerospace, and new energy. Battery field.

Graphene has a special significance for basic research in physics. It enables some quantum effects that can only be demonstrated theoretically before can be verified through experiments. In two-dimensional graphene,the mass of electrons seems to be nonexistent. This property makes graphene a rare condensed matter that can be used to study relativistic quantum mechanics-because massless particles must move at the speed of light, which must be described by relativistic quantum mechanics,which provides theoretical physicists with A new research direction:some experiments that originally needed to be carried out in a giant particle accelerator can be carried out with graphene in a small laboratory.

The zero energy gap semiconductor is mainly single-layer graphene,and this electronic structure will seriously affect the role of gas molecules on its surface. The function of single-layer graphene to increase the reactivity of the bulk graphite surface is due to the hydrogenation reaction of graphene And the results of the oxidation reaction show that the electronic structure of graphene can adjust the activity of its surface. In addition,the electronic structure of graphene can be induced by gas molecule adsorption and change accordingly,which not only affects the concentration of carriers Make changes and can dope different graphene at the same time.

Graphene can be made into a chemical sensor .This process is mainly completed by the surface adsorption performance of graphene. According to the research of some scholars,the sensitivity of graphene chemical detectors can be compared with the limit of single molecule detection. Graphene is unique Its two-dimensional structure makes it very sensitive to the surrounding environment.Graphene is an ideal material for electrochemical biosensors.Sensors made of graphene have good sensitivity for detecting dopamine, glucose, etc. in medicine.

Graphene can be used to make transistors.Due to the high stability of the graphene structure,this type of transistor can still work stably at a scale close to a single atom. In contrast,the current silicon-based transistor is about 10 nanometers.The stability of the scale will be lost.The ultra-fast reaction speed of the electrons in graphene to the external field makes the transistors made of it can reach extremely high operating frequencies.For example, IBM announced in February 2010 The operating frequency of graphene transistors has been increased to 100 GHz, which exceeds that of silicon transistors of the same size.

The research and application development of graphene continues to heat up,and graphite and graphene-related materials are widely used in battery electrode materials, semiconductor devices, transparent displays,sensors,capacitors, transistors, etc. In view of the excellent properties of graphene materials and their potential Application value, a series of important progress has been made in many disciplines such as chemistry, materials, physics, biology,environment,energy,etc. Researchers are committed to trying different methods in different fields to prepare high-quality,large-area graphene materials. And through the continuous optimization and improvement of the graphene preparation process,the cost of graphene preparation is reduced to make its excellent material properties more widely used, and gradually move towards industrialization.

Graphene is expected to become a new generation of devices in many application fields. In order to explore the broader application fields of graphene, it is necessary to continue to seek more excellent graphene preparation processes so that it can be used for better applications. It has only been confirmed to exist today for only a dozen years, but it has become a hot spot for scholars this year. Its excellent optical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties have prompted researchers to continue to study it,as the preparation method of graphene continues Being developed, graphene is bound to be more widely used in various fields in the near future.

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Storage conditions:

1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.

2) Avoid humidity and high temperature.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner packaging bag.

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