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Synthesis of calcium nitride Ca3N2

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Overview of calcium nitride Ca3N2

Calcium nitride is a compound of calcium and nitrogen, with the chemical formula of Ca3N2. In most cases, calcium nitride can usually be used in large quantities. Hydrogen is easily produced from renewable energy sources and is the most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen has many sources, such as solid fuels, water and renewable materials. Hydrogen is pollution-free and will form harmless water during use. Challenges related to the use of hydrogen as an energy source include the development of safe, compact, reliable and cost-effective hydrogen storage and transportation technologies. At present, hydrogen can be stored in three forms: compressed hydrogen, liquid hydrogen and chemical storage. High purity, submicron and nanometer powder forms can be considered. Calcium nitride Ca3N2 is the main raw material of high-end fluorescent powder. The phosphor is more stable, has better performance, and has better effect at high temperature and high humidity. Last but not least, calcium nitride can also be used as a chemical treatment agent, which is the key to determine the performance of water-based mud.

Synthesis of calcium nitride Ca3N2

Calcium nitride can be prepared by reacting calcium in nitrogen flow. The fine fibrous metallic calcium purified by distillation is placed in the nickel boat and heated at 450 ℃ for 3-4 hours in the purified nitrogen gas stream. Because the crystal transformation of metallic calcium occurs at this temperature (hexagonal crystal calcium → body centered cubic calcium), the metal lattice structure becomes loose, so the nitridation reaction speed is fast, and calcium nitride can be obtained.

Synthesis of calcium nitride Ca3N2

Chemical equation of reaction

3Ca+N2===Ca3N2 (reaction condition: ignition)

Application of calcium nitride Ca3N2

Calcium nitride Ca3N2 is mainly used as a chemical reagent. Active nitrogen ions can be obtained by using Ca3N2. Calcium hydride (desiccant) can be prepared by heating calcium nitride and hydrogen at a temperature above 350 ° C. Ca3N2 can be used to obtain active nitride ions, and calcium hydride (desiccant) can be obtained by heating calcium nitride with hydrogen at a temperature higher than 350 ° C.

When calcium burns in air, it will form Ca3N2 with calcium oxide. The distilled fibrous metallic calcium is heated to 450 ° C in a pure nitrogen flow, and then the metallic calcium is nitrided to calcium nitride after 3-4 hours.

According to the preparation temperature, the obtained calcium nitride is black at 350 ° C, milky white at 350-1150 ° C, and golden yellow above 1150 ° C. It is easy to identify the formed calcium nitride because it can react with water or water to form calcium hydroxide and ammonia.

Technical Parameter of Calcium Nitride Ca3N2 powder:

Product NameMFPurityParticle SizeMelting PointDensityColor
calcium nitrideCa3N299%5-10um1195℃2.67g/cm3red-brown

Chemical Composition of Calcium Nitride Ca3N2 powder:


Price of calcium nitride Ca3N2

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Calcium nitride Ca3N2 supplier

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