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Copper oxide CuO powder CAS 1317-38-0
  • Copper oxide CuO powder CAS 1317-38-0

Copper oxide CuO powder CAS 1317-38-0

Copper oxide,chemical formula CuO. It is a black oxide of copper,slightly amphoteric and slightly hygroscopic.The relative molecular mass is 79.545,the density is 6.3~6.9 g/cm3,and the melting point is 1026℃.
Particle size:40nm,200n
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Overview of copper oxide CuO powder:

Copper oxide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula CuO.It is a black oxide of copper,slightly amphiphilic and slightly hygroscopic.Copper oxide is almost insoluble in water or alcohol.Copper oxide dissolves slowly in ammonia solution,but quickly dissolves in ammonium carbonate solution;it is dissolved by alkali metal cyanide and strong acid solutions;hot formic acid and boiling acetic acid solutions can easily dissolve oxides.Copper oxide is mainly used in the manufacture of rayon,ceramics,glazes and enamels,batteries, petroleum desulfurizers,pesticides, hydrogen production,catalysts and green glass.

Application of copper oxide CuO powder:

What is the scope of application of copper oxide CuO powder?

Copper oxide is an important p-type semiconductor material with a narrow band gap(1.2-1.5eV)because it has good thermal and photochemical stability,high temperature superconductivity and high electrochemical activity.Poisonous and cheap and other unique characteristics.In terms of preparation methods,copper oxide has been widely used in catalysis,sensing materials,superconducting materials,thermoelectric materials,glass,ceramics, lithium ion batteries and even medicine.

Copper oxide is used as a catalyst.It is a metal oxide that can be used as a hydrogen peroxide catalyst,but manganese dioxide is more active than copper oxide.

In a chemical reaction,the chemical reaction rate of the reactants can be changed(can be increased or decreased)without changing the chemical balance,and the substance whose quality and chemical properties have not changed before and after the chemical reaction is called a catalyst (a solid catalyst is also called a catalyst) . According to statistics, more than 90% of industrial processes use catalysts,such as chemical, petrochemical,biochemical and environmental protection.

1.It can be used as organic synthesis catalyst,analytical reagent(for nitrogen determination), oxidant,catalyst and petroleum desulfurization.It can also be used to determine carbon in organic compounds.

2.Used as a colorant in the glass,enamel and ceramic industries,as an anti-Zou agent in coatings,and as a polishing agent in optical glass.Used in the manufacture of dyes,organic catalyst carriers and copper compounds.It is also used in the rayon manufacturing industry and as a desulfurizing agent for grease.Used as a raw material for the manufacture of other copper salts,as well as a raw material for the manufacture of artificial gems.

The price of copper oxide CuO powder:

The price of copper oxide CuO powder will vary randomly with factors such as the production cost of copper oxide CuO powder, transportation cost, international situation, and the market supply and demand of copper oxide CuO powder. Tanki New Materials Co., Ltd. aims to help various industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality products. Provide high-quality, low-cost nanomaterials and chemicals by providing a full set of customized services. If you are looking for copper oxide CuO powder, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price of copper oxide CuO powder.

Suppliers of copper oxide CuO powder:

As a global copper oxide CuO powder supplier, Tanki New Materials Co.,Ltd has extensive experience in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced engineering materials. The company has successfully developed a series of powder materials (titanium oxide, silicon oxide, titanium oxide, etc.), high-purity target materials, functional ceramics and structural devices, and provides OEM services.

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Technical Parameter of Copper Oxide CuO Powder:
Item-200mesh CuO powder of Nuclear cdh857
Chemical Property(%)Physical Property

Loose   Density (g/cm3)Partical Size

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