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What is titanium dioxide?

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What is titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined, processed, or refined from the earth and added to a variety of foods and other consumer products. White is used to enhance the color and shine of certain foods and is also critical for food safety applications. It is ground into a very fine powder during processing. Titanium dioxide is safe, and the FDA provides strict guidance on how much it can be used in food. Food-grade titanium dioxide is used in very small amounts; the FDA limits the amount of titanium dioxide in foods to more than 1%. There is currently no indication of health risks from dietary intake of this level

What is titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide TiO2 powder overview

Titanium dioxide TiO2 powder, also known as titanium dioxide, is an important inorganic chemical pigment whose main component is titanium dioxide. There are two production processes for titanium dioxide: sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. Widely used in coatings, printing inks, papermaking, plastics and rubber, chemical fibers, ceramics and other industries.

Among commonly used white pigments, titanium dioxide has the smallest relative density, while among white pigments of the same mass, titanium dioxide has the largest surface area and the largest pigment volume. Titanium dioxide has very stable chemical properties and is an acidic amphoteric oxide. At room temperature, it hardly reacts with other elements and compounds. Ineffective against oxygen, ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Insoluble in water, fat, dilute acid, inorganic acid and alkali, only soluble in hydrofluoric acid. . However, under the action of light, titanium dioxide can undergo continuous redox reactions and is photochemically active. This photochemical activity is particularly evident under the action of ultraviolet anatase titanium dioxide.

Is titanium dioxide safe?

Titanium dioxide has similar uses in non-food applications. It also whitens paint, paper, plastic, ink, rubber and cosmetics. Although IARC classifies titanium dioxide as "possibly carcinogenic to humans," if you're concerned about titanium dioxide, don't be! Based on current research and industry recommendations, titanium dioxide is a safe food additive. If you want to avoid it, that’s okay! Just don't expect certain foods to be so white, smooth, and bright.

Applications of titanium dioxide TiO2 powder

The most important applications of titanium dioxide are paints, varnishes and paper as well as plastics, which account for approximately 80% of world titanium dioxide consumption. Other pigment applications, such as printing inks, fibers, rubber, cosmetics and food, account for another 8%. The remainder is used in other applications such as industrially pure titanium, glasses and glass ceramics, electroceramics, metallic copper, catalysts, electrical conductors and chemical intermediates.

1. Titanium dioxide has become the most widely used white pigment due to its brightness and high refractive index.

2. Titanium dioxide is also an effective powdered sunscreen. It is used as a pigment to provide whiteness and opacity to products such as paints, coatings, plastics, paper, inks, foods, pharmaceuticals (such as tablets and tablets), and most toothpastes. In painting, it is often abbreviated to "lively white", "complete white", "whitest white" or other similar terms.

3. Titanium dioxide is used as a colorant in the rubber industry, and also has reinforcing, anti-aging, filling and other functions.

4. Titanium dioxide is added to white and colored rubber products, which resists sunlight exposure, does not crack or discolor, has a large stretching ratio, and is acid and alkali resistant.

5. Titanium dioxide for rubber is mainly used in automobile tires, rubber shoes, rubber floors, gloves, sports equipment, etc. It is generally anatase type.

6. In the production of automobile tires, a certain amount of rutile titanium dioxide products is often added to enhance the ability to resist ozone and ultraviolet rays.

7. Titanium dioxide is also widely used in cosmetics. Since titanium dioxide is non-toxic and far superior to lead white, almost all powdered titanium dioxide can replace lead-zinc white.

8. Just add 5%-8% titanium dioxide to achieve a permanent white color, making the fragrance smoother, with strong adhesion, absorption and covering power.

9. Titanium dioxide in gouache and cold cream can reduce greasiness and transparency.

10. Titanium dioxide is also used in many other fragrances, sunscreens, soaps, white soaps and toothpastes.

Titanium dioxide TiO2 powder price

The price of titanium dioxide TiO2 powder will vary randomly depending on the production cost, transportation cost, international situation, exchange rate and market supply and demand of titanium dioxide TiO2 powder. Tangji New Materials Co., Ltd. aims to help various industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality, low-cost nanomaterials and chemicals by providing a full set of customized services. If you are looking for titanium dioxide TiO2 powder, please feel free to send to get the latest titanium dioxide TiO2 powder price.

Titanium dioxide TiO2 powder supplier

As a global supplier of titanium oxide TiO2 powder, Tangji New Materials Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced technologies and engineering materials. The company has successfully developed a series of powder materials (including oxides, carbides, nitrides, single metals, etc.), high-purity targets, functional ceramics, structural devices, and provides OEM services.

Technical Parameter of Titanium Oxide TiO2 powder:
Titanium Oxide Nanopowder (TiO2) COA -- %
Titanium Oxide TiO2 powder Properties
Other NamesDioxotitanium, Titanium dioxide, Titania, Titanium(IV) dioxide, Titanic oxide, Titanium peroxide, Titanium oxide powder
CAS No.13464-67-7
Compound FormulaTiO2
Molecular Weight79.9378 g/mol
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Melting Point1,843° C (3,349° F)
Solubility in waterN/A
Density4.23 g/cm3
Particle Size 5nm-50nm
Boling point2,972° C (5,382° F)
Specific HeatN/A
Thermal ConductivityN/A
Thermal ExpansionN/A
Young's ModulusN/A
Exact Mass79.9378 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass79.937776 Da
Titanium Oxide TiO2 powder Health & Safety Information
Safety WarningN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Flashing pointN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
RTECS NumberXR2275000
Transport InformationNONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germanynwg

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